Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Will Cervantes Challenge Lujan For Speaker?

Well, I dunno.

Cervantes didn't return my phone calls Monday before I left work.

House Speaker Ben Lujan did. He told me he and Cervantes met on Friday.

He said they talked about the election and some of the Democrats who lost last Tuesday. (Republicans picked up eight seats total according to unofficial results.)

The House Democrats  have scheduled a caucus on Nov. 20. Obviously, we'll know by then if there's a challenge.

However, I suspect there will be rumors of a coalition all the way up to Jan. 18, when the Legislature returns.

Stay tuned.My story in today's New Mexican is HERE

3 p.m. Tuesday: This post has been corrected: It originally said Cervantes didn't return my call. However, I later realized that he did leave a message for me on my work phone after I'd written the story and left the office.