Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Trujillo Will Run Again Against Speaker Lujan

A few weeks ago I talked with House Speaker Ben Lujan about whether he planned on running again for the state House seat he's held since the 1970s.

Actually it was a short conversation. He said he'll wait to see what happens in the courts with redistricting issues before making his decision about running again.

I'd tried that day to get a comment from Carl Trujillo, who came within less than 100 votes of defeating Lujan in the 2010 Democratic primary. I wasn't successful then, but today Trujillo's campaign manager Faith McKenna emailed me to say, "Yes, Carl will be running again (as he promised following the 2010 primary)."

McKenna said Trujillo will make it official in January.

Looks like the race is on.