Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Will Barrie Be on Senate Ballot?

The state Supreme Court will decided whether independent U.S. Senate candidate Jon Barrie will appear on November's general election ballot.

The Secretary of State's office determined last week that   Barrie didn't have enough valid signatures on his nominating petitions to earn a place on the ballot.

However Barrie argues that there were many instances where signatures were ruked invalid because of typos by Secretary of State’s Office staff who input the names of the signers into a computer to compare them with the state’s voter database.

However, a potentially more serious problem for Barrie is that he's running on the Independent American Party ticket but wasn’t a member of the party at the time the governor issued the election proclamation in January. But he couldn’t have been a member of the party at that time because the party wasn’t officially recognized in New Mexico until April. Barrie claims this requirement is unconstitutional.

You can read my full story HERE. Below is Barrie's petition.

Barrie v Duran Petition for Mandamus - Filed