Thursday, February 28, 2013

Skandera Hearing Likely to Take Two Days

Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez just dropped by the news room and told reporters that tomorrow's Rules Committee hearing on Education Secretary designate Hanna Skandera likely won't be over until Saturday.

This sounds like the biggest public grilling this side of the world's largest free barbecue in Dalhart, Texas. (But likely not as tasty.)

Whether the committee gives Skandera's nomination a do-pass or do-not-pass, the full Senate would have the final vote.

Unless ...

Sanchez, answering reporters' questions, said there's one scenario in which Skandera's nomination would not go to the Senate floor. That's if there is a tie vote. In that case, just like a tie vote on a bill, the nomination would stay in the Rules Committee.

But even if that happens, Skandera would stay on as "secretary designate" with full pay.

Stay tuned.