Monday, July 29, 2013

More National Publicity for Susana

In case you're not one of the people who read People magazine, there's a story in the current issue about Gov. Susana Martinez taking care of her sister Lettie, who is developmentally disabled.

This comes about a week after another "soft" feature about the governor,  the Albuquerque Journal's sad story about Martinez losing her father as well as six pets in the past six months.

Is this just a coincidence, or is this someone's conscious effort to soften the gov's image?

I'll let others decide that. Below is the People story, sent to me by the Republican Governor's Association.

Also, Martinez is featured, along with Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval in a story in Politico. This one is about how a couple of Hispanic, western governors aren't facing the same kind of Hispanic backlash over immigration issues as other Republicans.

Politico says, "Martinez has also tacked to the center on some key issues: After she took office, she opted not to cut education funding in the state and was, after Sandoval, one of the first GOP governors to accept the Medicaid expansion. Both decisions played well with voters. But she’s also built up her GOP credentials by working to turn the state’s deficit into a surplus and leading the successful push to lower state corporate income tax rates."

I'm sure state legislators might have  something to say about the deficit, since they have a pretty big role in crafting the budget.

And here's something that will really irk Gary King and Sen. Linda Lopez: "...neither Martinez nor Sandoval has a serious 2014 reelection challenger in sight."