Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bregman Running for Dem State Chairmanship

UPDATED: 1:15 p.m. to make it clear that the run for state chairman means Bregman isn't running for governor.

It's official: Albuquerque lawyer and longtime  Democratic activist Sam Bregman is running for state Democratic Party chairman again.

Sam Bregman
Bregman speaking to Dem Central Committee in 2011
He kicked off his campaign with a typically pointed attack on Republican Gov. Susana Martinez.

“This governor is a miserable failure on creating jobs. What has she done to create one, single job? Absolutely nothing.  Meanwhile, she blames Washington, plays politics and fails to lead. Step aside governor, Democrats are ready to move forward and commit resources to give people hope and create jobs.  The Democratic Party exists for one reason—to provide opportunities for the poor and middle class, who work hard, play by the rules and dream of a better future for their kids.”

Bregman lost a close contest two years ago to Chairman Javier Gonzales. Gonzales isn't seeking re-election.

“No one cares about personal political agendas or how to tear down your opponent in the next election—they care about providing a home to their children, good schools, safe streets and holding on to the American dream.  Those are Democratic priorities,” Bregman continued.

The New Mexico Democratic State Central Committee election will be held in April 2013.

Bregman had been considering running for governor next year. Asked whether running for chair meant he wouldn't be running against Martinez, a spokesman for Bregman said, "Mr. Bregman does not plan to run for Governor--he wants to be chair of the state party."