Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Discouraging Words for NM Dems from Democratic Governors Association

Democratic Governors Association Chairman Peter Shumlin, whose day job is governor of Vermont, said what some national pundits have been saying for a long time: He doesn't expect Democrats to win gubernatorial races in New Mexico (or Nevada. And he's not real hopeful about Texas).

Real Clear Politics quoted Shumlin saying yesterday “I wish that we could spend money for Democrats in all 50 states. My job is not to promote governors’ races in states where we can’t win.”

Sam Bregman, chairman of the New Mexico Democratic Party told KRQE “I’m a little disappointed. I’m not surprised. ... I gather they’re basing that decision on polls that are old and showing Gov. [Susana] Martinez at high poll ratings. But I think now and certainly once we get a nominee that they may be reconsidering that decision.”

There's no way Shumlin's statement will make it easier on the five Democratic gubernatorial candidates to attract national money for their campaigns.

In 2010, the DGA contributed more than $300,000 directly to the unsuccessful campaign of Democrat Diane Denish. Plus, the association spent more than  $770,000 on "media buys" (television time for campaign ads) for Denish in 2010.

UPDATE 12:45 pm The earlier version of this post didn't include the part about the DGA spending money for media buys on behalf of Denish.