Friday, June 6, 2014

Second Susana Ad of the Day

I almost missed this because I thought the email announcing this was referring to the Republican Governors Association ad that came out earlier today.

Anyway, this is the latest ad from the Susana Martinez campaign itself. And unlike the RGA ad, which called Martinez's Democratic challenger Gary King a "terrible attorney general," this is pure sunshine and lollipops talking about her commitment to helping small businesses.

This 30-second spot has the governor talking about parents's security business, for which Martinez worked, guarding a Catholic church bingo game. There is even a photo of a young Martinez in uniform, apparently from when she worked for her folks.

The two ads might be revealing a little strategy here. Let the Martinez campaign talk about positive things and brag about accomplishments and let outside groups like the RGA tear into King.

It also illustrates King's problem -- how to respond to both fronts, when he currently doesn't have any money for TV ads.

Here's Martinez's ad: