Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kilmer Owes Half Mill in Back Taxes

$538,858 in federal income taxes to be exact, at least according to The Detroit News' Tax Watchdog blog.VAL KILMER GOES TO MEET THE GOV

According to the blog, the tax lien was filed by the IRS in July 15 in Bergen County, N.J.

Kilmer early this year during the regular session of the Legislature paid several visits to the state Capitol, including at least one visit to Gov. Bill Richardson's office (as pictured at right.) He did little to discourage rumors that he was considering a run for governor.

However, in recent months, Kilmer, who has a home in Pecos. seems to have dropped off the face of New Mexico. One of the few times he's made headlines since the session was in April when it was revealed that he's trying to sell his ranch in Pecos for $33 million.

I'll update this if I can get Kilmer for a response.