Thursday, July 16, 2009


Adam Kokesh, the "Revolutionary Patriot" who is challenging U.S. Rep. Ben Ray Lujan for his District 3 Congressional seat next year says he'll run as a Republican.

Kokesh, a supporter of U.S. Rep. Ron Paul's presidential campaign last year -- and who has Paul's support for his Congressional race -- dropped this news in a press release this morning.

He comes from a long line of Republicans and has been registered as a Republican since he was old enough to vote. He has indicated he filed with the FEC under the Republican Party. Often a critic of the party leadership, he believes the actual platform--limited government and lower taxes--is most aligned with his belief system, even though the Republican office holders have strayed far away from the party platform.

Kokesh probably won't be alone in the GOP primary. Rio Rancho businessman Dan East, who ran against Lujan last year, has said he'll try again.

UPDATE: I spoke to East today. He said he's still contemplating a run but hasn't made up his mind. He also wouldn't say whether he'd back Kokesh if the ex-Marine wins the GOP primary.

Here's Kokesh's FEC filing:

Kokesh Filing District 3 NM FEC