Monday, June 7, 2010

BP Campaign Cash Washes Ashore in NM

In Tuesday's New Mexican looked at campaign contributions from BP to New Mexico politicians. You can find that HERE.

No huge revelations here -- and, in the big picture of the unlimited amounts of contributions currently allowed in state campaigns, the amounts given are relatively low. It's just something that a few people have been wondering about, exactly how much BP campaign money has been contributed to New Mexico candidates.

The biggest amount from BP for a state campaign went to Gov. Richardson in 2002. But that was only $2,000 -- not even walking-around money for Richardson during a campaign. In fact, as I point out in the story, BP is far less active in state politics than other major oil companies.

Some New Mexico Congress members have received more from BP during the years.

Former Sen. Pete Domenici still is on the list of Top 20 BP beneficiaries in the past 20 years -- getting more than $20,000 from the company and its executives. But that's over an 18-year period.

Domenici, who left office last year, chaired the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee, as Sen. Jeff Bingaman does now. BP has given Bingaman $14,000 since 1994.