Monday, June 14, 2010

New Martinez Ad Sin Lodo

It's been almost a week since the last attack ad in the Diane Denish/Susana Martinez slugfest.

And now comes a new Martinez ad and there's no attack on Denish. It is in Spanish. Kate Nash, who understands Spanish far better than I do, confirmed there's no mud thrown at Denish here.


Susana Martinez: Me dediqué a servir como procuradora para poder pelear en defensa de losinocentes.

SM: Por ejemplo, “Baby Brianna” solo tenía seis meses cuando fué asesinada por su propia familia.

SM: Su fotografía permanece en mi oficina para recordarme que debemos trabajar día tras día para asegurar nuestra comunidad.

SM: Me presento como candidata a gobernadora: para que Nuevo México sea un mejor estado para cada niño.

SM: Soy Susana Martinez. Únase a esta lucha conmigo.


Susana Martinez: I became a prosecutor to fight in defense of the most innocent among us.

SM: For example, “Baby Brianna” was six months old when she was murdered by members of her own family.

SM: Her picture hangs in my office to remind me why we must work to improve our community each and every day.

SM: I’m running for Governor to make New Mexico a better state for every child.

SM: I’m Susana Martinez. Join me in this fight.