Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hey! I'm a Wiki Photographer

A snapshot I took of Lt. Gov. Diane Denish earlier this year has ended up on her Wikipedia page.

NM Legislature 2010

I'm not sure how it got there, who put it there or why.

And I don't really mind. People have used my photos for worse purposes. In 2008 The Club For Growth used a shot I took of Tom Udall in an attack ad. It wasn't even an unflattering shot.

Check out all my shots of politicians and political events HERE


  1. Actually, I disagree with you. You should mind. If these folks haven't asked you for permission, it says something about them. And if they don't know the source, they shouldn't use the photo. It's not that hard to take a photo (in Denish's case) or get one from the candidate.

  2. My FLICKR shots are all Creative Commons, which means people can use them.

  3. "The Spectator" is out of touch with the realities of the Web. Hot-linking is not only the overwhelming tradition, it's at least legal - if not considered ethical by those few who have an extraordinary opinion of their own talent.

    The Electronic Freedom Foundation generally supports hot-linking. I usually include a posted link to a photo when using an "official" source [like Daylife]; but, the url of a photo is always there for anyone who really cares to know the source.

    Of course, they may be many steps away from the original. Cripes, I have Googled for an image and found myself coming back to a previous post of my own.