Monday, September 13, 2010

It's a Bird, It's a Plane ...

New Mexico Democrats have decided to go after an under-served voter constituency in the state:

Comic-book nerds.

There's a new PAC headed by Dem activists Eli Il Yong Lee, Neri Holguin and Sandra Wechsler called The Justice League PAC.

I'm not sure whether they've cleared that with the legal beagles at DC Comics -- and I'm not sure if they're trying to imply the endorsements of Superman, Batman, The Flash and J'onn J'onzz the Martian Manhunter, but here's what their website has to say:

We can no longer just rely upon charismatic leaders. We need to find the superhero in all of us – to act together, to talk to our families and neighbors, to be political activists in the truest sense of the word. Together, we can make politics about us, not about them. That way, we can control the terms of the debate, with our own feet, our own pocketbooks and our own voices. These are our real super powers.

And also, Susana Martinez is an evil robot.

Watch for the TV on Wednesday.


  1. Oh goody, just what New Mexico Democrats need, a cheesy comic book to explain why we should keep Diane Denish in office - too bad the world most of us are living in isn't as simplistic and two dimensional.

  2. As Spider-Man put it "With great power there must come great responsibility" (, however it seems this sort of credo doesn't apply outside of the dumbed down comic book world being embraced by the DPNM leadership, for instance judging by what's revealed in

  3. I'm actually looking forward to seeing how the Democratic party's wunderkinder utilize the techniques of persuasion to convince members of the all important comic-book nerd demographic to vote, much less vote for Denish.

  4. Unfortunately the first episode of "The Decision of The Decade" turns out to be completely unimaginative and in fact ends up feeling like it's making fun of Denish, which might prove to be a liability if Martinez and company are paying attention and decide to make some use of this nonsense, perhaps by recontextualizing it. In any case something that could have been entertaining and thus potentially effective politically comes off as little more then a badly thrown together piece of self-aggrandizing (and in a larger context self-defeating) propaganda.

  5. Another lost opportunity since the animators weren't able to satirize Martinez (who's unrecognizable) and chose instead to focus on the illusory threat of Sarah Palin controlling her rather then illustrating what's actually involved in "The Choice of the Decade". Furthermore the entire presentation, what with its depiction of a panicky electorate needing to be 'rescued' from an evil Martinez robot by the likes of Denish, turns out to be vaguely insulting - which one hopes wasn't the intent of the Justice League PAC.

  6. Hey wannabe cartoon guys, how about using the technique employed by the animators of "Clutch Cargo" next time.