Monday, August 8, 2011

Block Jr. a Suspect in Stolen Vehicle Case

I have a feeling this week isn't going to be a good one for Jerome Block, Jr. either.

The Santa Fe Police Department has confirmed My colleague Geoff Grammer that the beleaguered Public Regulation commissioner is a suspect in a stolen vehicle case.

Here's what I'm getting from Geoff and New Mexican reporter Staci Matlock:

Block allegedly test drove a used Honda from Capitol City Auto. The dealership agreed to let Block keep the car overnight. But he failed to return it for 3 weeks. As he normally does with reporters, he did not return phone calls from the dealership. So the owner filed police report.

Santa Fe Police apparently located the Honda in downtown Santa Fe last week. It wasn't damaged.

Keep in mind: Block's driver's license has been suspended since last year.

A few minutes ago  asked state House Republican Leader Tom Taylor whether there's any talk of impeaching Block among legislators. Taylor said he's "heard rumors" but said this is something that the Legislative Council might be discussing at it's next meeting.

Keep your ears on. The Block saga is snowballing.

UPDATE: 4 pm Public Regulation Commissioner Pat Lyons told me that the PRC will consider a couple of resolutions pertaining to Block at tomorrow morning's meeting.

One will be a vote of no confidence, which Lyons expects to pass. The other will be a resolution saying that it would be in the best interest of Block's constituents for him to resign.

Neither action would have any legal effect as the PRC does not have the power to remove its own members.