Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dem County Chairs Ask Block to Resign

Below is the text of a letter that several Democratic Party chairmen sent to Jeome Block, Jr. asking him to resign.

I spoke this afternoon with Santa Fe County Democratic Chairman Richard Ellenberg about the letter. He said, "It seems to me that public officials ought to be at a high level of ethics. (Block's) recent behavior is well short of that. The Democratic Party needs to make sure our candidates and public officials are ethical."

Dear Commissioner Block,

On behalf of the Democratic Party of the undersigned counties, after much consideration of the public service that you and your family have dedicated to New Mexico for generations, I send this letter and decision to join in the call for your resignation from the PRC- your elected position of New Mexico PRC Commissioner, District III.

The recent allegations of credit card misuse at area gas stations have compounded tangled legal issues already facing you, Commissioner Block. We, the leaders of our county parties feel it is in the best interest of all concerned, especially of your constituents that you step down. We foresee it will be a difficult decision for you to make, but we are hopeful you will make the right, honorable decision. With a heavy heart, but mindful of the people we serve; it is our hope you understand our position.

As always, we Democrats wish you well and offer any help you might need during this difficult transition. We personally wish you all the best and thank you for your service.

Lucia F. Sanchez, Chair, Democratic Party of Rio Arriba County
Richard D. Ellenberg, Chair, Democratic Party of Santa Fe County
Michael Wheeler, Chair, Democratic Party of Los Alamos County
Paula Garcia, Chair, Democratic Party of Mora County
Michael Colangelo, Chair, Democratic Party of Colfax County
Mario A. Gonzales, Jr., Chair, Democratic Party of Harding County
Bill Wertheim, Vice-Chair, Democratic Party of DeBaca County
Thomas Buckner, Chair, Democratic Party of Sandoval County