Monday, March 5, 2012

Rep. Eleanor Chavez Running for New Senate Seat

Wasn't I just saying something about House members who want to move up to the Senate?

Rep. Eleanor Chavez, D-Albuquerque, just announced she's running for the newly created west-side Albuquerque District 14 seat.

Ans she's coming out swinging. Referring to her Democratic primary opponent for the seat, her news release says:

"Eleanor is facing Michael Padilla, CEO of Altivus CRM Solution. In 2007, ten female employees at the city of Albuquerque’s 311 and 911 call center filed a hostile work environment complaint against Padilla. In 2011, Altivus was also hired by MVD officials to handle calls coming in from 10,000 immigrants whose driver’s licenses were called for review by the Martinez Administration."

Sounds like this race might turn into a hostile environment pretty quick.

UPDATE: 12:25 pm: The original version of this post misidentified Padilla's political party.