Friday, July 20, 2012

Heather Wilson's New Ad

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Heather Wilson released a new 30-second campaign ad this morning.

Unlike her previous one, which stressed her military backgroun, this isn't a biographical spot. As you can see below, this actually talks about what Wilson says (and few disagree) is the overriding issue of the campaign, the economy.

There's no direct attack on her Democratic opponent Martin Heinrich. In fact there's no mention of her opponent,

Wilson says, "If you think the way to bring jobs back ... is by growing government, growing debt and growing Washington control of our economy, then I'm probably not your candidate." (Perhaps you could argue she's implying here that if you believe those things, Heinrich is your candidate.)

Instead she advocates traditional Republican solutions -- keeping taxes and energy costs low and "freezing job-killing regulations."

Heinrich released his first post-primary ad early this week. You can see it HERE

Speaking of ads, here's a look at one of the recent Sierra Club ads attacking Wilson. CLICK HERE.

Below is the video of Wilson's new campaign spot.


  1. I can't believe anybody believes regulations "kill jobs" all you have to do is think seat belts, some one made them, some one installed them, and if they were using air bags,some one replaced them, aren't those jobs? Just like WMDs or Jessica Lynch's annal rape these guys never tell the truth, if they did No one would vote for them.

  2. If any of us believe that being sponsored by big money republican donors is going to drive here to support the needs of the 99%, well, we need to wake up... She has shown her absolute loyalty to her republican leaders, and she will be controlled by the tea party, which has deadlocked our goverment. She, and Romney, are proposing the same platform that Bush used to drive us from a Clinton surplus, to this hole that we will be digging out of for decades...