Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Not-So Gentle Giant

Gov. Susana Martinez & Chief of Staff Keith Gardner
Monahan's favorite photo from my FLICKR account
Smile! You're on candid tape recorder!

No matter what your political leanings, anyone with half a heart has to feel at least a little sympathy for someone whose private and extremely candid conversation with an old friend who refers to him as "brother" bursts into the public domain.

But when you're a top government official and that conversation is peppered with unbridled loathing for another top government official, it's going to be news.

And candid talk about finding government jobs for pals and campaign fund-raising is big plump cherry on that sundae.

My story on this mess is HERE. Joe Monahan posted the entire conversation HERE

I was a little pressed for space, so some things had to be cut. One of those lines that didn't make it was Gardner talking about getting stopped for speeding about 20 years ago. Here's what Gardner said he told the cop:

"Either write me the ticket or leave me alone. You know if you write the ticket I’ll get it dismissed because my dad is the judge so, write the fucking ticket I don’t care."

Susana's law-enforcement supporters might have some questions about that one.