Thursday, August 22, 2013

Chemical Industry Backs Udall

Udall: Better living through chemistry
Yes, it's still well over a year until the 2014 election and the Republicans don't even have a candidate for U.S. Senate. But the first ad for incumbent Sen. Tom Udall already is running.

Some environmentalist group or labor union? Nope, it's The American Chemistry Council, which is running a nice, positive ad for the Democrat in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, El Paso and Amarillo, Texas. (I understand El Paso, but I'm not sure how many New Mexico voters watch Amarillo TV.)

“As representatives of one of America’s largest manufacturing industries, ACC and its members want to acknowledge Sen. Udall’s leadership on issues that encourage strong domestic energy policy, support small businesses and promote rational, science-based chemical regulation—policies that will foster innovation, stimulate our economy and put people in the state and across the country in good-paying jobs,” Cal Dooley, president and CEO of the organization said in a news release.

 “In a time when so much of the political discourse in America is negative, it’s important to highlight the positive work Sen. Udall is doing to promote the two most important issues facing our country – economic growth and job creation, ” Dooley said.

The Chemistry Council also is running similar ads for Sen. Kay Hagen, D-North Carolina and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, as well as two Republican House members.

Here's the Udall ad: