Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Common Cause Honors Rep. Jim Smith

Common Cause New Mexico is honoring Rep. Jim Smith, R-Sandia Park, with its Best in Government Award.

According to a news release, Smith, a high school science teacher, was "an obvious choice" because of "his commitment to Common Cause New Mexico priorities and our work to secure an open, transparent government and access to voting for all qualified voters."

Damn, I thought he was getting the award because he brought Dog the Bounty Hunter and robots to the Roundhouse this year.

 Viki Harrison, the group's executive director said,  "CCNM is proud to work with a leader who crosses the aisle to get work done for the people. Rep. Smith exemplifies what true leadership is in New Mexico, and he is a pleasure to work with for open and accountable state government.”

In the news release Smith is quoted:

“Transparency in government is an issue that is important to all New Mexicans, and I am proud to receive this award from CCNM for my part in making New Mexico more open and accessible for our citizens. CCNM has been a great partner along the way, and I am thankful for their support as we pass legislation that makes all government in New Mexico more accountable to the public. Together we are making great strides towards transparency, but our work isn’t complete.  We will continue listening to our citizens to ensure they have confidence in their government, and that the confidence is well-deserved.”

This is interesting to me because Common Cause has been accused by some state Republicans as being a "liberal" or even "Democratic" group. (Actually its founder John Gardner, was a Republican.)  

Common Cause New Mexico will honor Smith at its annual luncheon on Oct. 5. For more information CLICK HERE