Monday, January 27, 2014

Steinborn Wants To Archive Webcasts

Rep. Steinborn
Ever want to watch the Legislature in action, but something like, say, work, interferes with your schedule and you can't do it?

State Rep. Jeff Steinborn, D-Las Cruces, plans to introduce a rule change that would require the Legislative Council Service to save all the webcasts so folks out in Cyberland can watch at their convenience.

Rep. Jason Harper, R-Rio Rancho, will co-sponsor the move.

“It’s vitally important that the citizens of the state be provided the opportunity to watch our legislative process in action and learn about critical policy issues being discussed” Steinborn said in a news release.  “Technology easily allows us the ability to broadcast and archive these meetings, so folks can watch them at times that fit their schedule.”

The decision not to archive came in the early days of webcasting when the old lions of the Legislature decided that saving the videos could result in political "mischief," such as making campaign ads showing lawmakers sleeping, goofing off or casting controversial votes.

Steinborn also said he will introduce another measure that would require the Legislative Council Service to webcast all interim committee hearings. "During this last summer, there was increased public interest in following interim committee legislative hearings related to Governor Martinez’ shake up of the state’s mental health system," the news release said.

Co-sponsoring this will be Senate President Pro-tem Mary Kay Papen, D-Las Cruces.

UPDATE 1-28-14 10:23 am: Some Republican friends on Twitter gently reminded me that Gov. Martinez archives floor sessions and some committee hearings HERE. She doesn't have to though. The Steinborn-Harper measure would require it.