Thursday, January 9, 2014

Weh Makes It Official

As his campaign promised, former state Republican Party Chairman Allen Weh made it official just moments ago and announced he's running for U.S. Senate for the seat now held by Democrat Se. Tom Udall.

He made his announcement in a short -- about 5 minute -- speech videocast live on the Internet. (It's still HERE last I looked.)

Weh didn't directly attack Udal (or even mention his name) but said there seems to be a lack of common sense in the Senate. Speaking of the polarization in Washington, Weh promised, if elected, to be willing to be willing to negotiate and "treat everyone with respect."

He said he will work for "economic improvement" for New Mexico, to "fix the Obamacare train wreck," balance the budget, eliminate the deficit and work for a strong defense.

He didn't directly address the blistering attack he received yesterday from primary opponent David Clements. I wrote about that in today's New Mexican.