Thursday, March 6, 2014

Democratic Gubernatorial Forum

The five candidates seeking the Democratic nod to run for governor didn’t take any serious jabs at one another during a forum Wednesday. But they all took off the gloves when it came to Republican incumbent Susana Martinez.

All five Democrats -- Attorney General Gary King, Sen. Linda Lopez, Sen. Howie Morales, longtime government administrator Lawrence Rael and Santa Fe businessman Alan Webber -- blasted Martinez on a variety of issues.

Martinez's campaign spokesman anticipated this and issued a "pre-butal" that said the five were all trying to appeal to the left "fringe" of the party.

My sgtory on the forum in today's New Mexican is HERE. And I live-tweeted the whole shebang last night. You can read those tweets HERE (and why not go ahead and follow me on Twitter.)

As I said in the story, one of the few differences in the five Dems to emerge last night is that the only one outright opposed to legalizing marijuana is King. One of the things he said about that -- the old argument that most drug addicts start out on marijuana, prompted one of my Twitter followers to quip, "most (Hell's Angels) started out on trikes..."

The first real test of strength for the candidates will be Saturday at the state Democrats'  pre-primary convention. I'll be there.