Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Tale of Two Non-Citizen Voters

Secretary of State Dianna Duran last week informed Attorney General Gary King about two cases of non-citizens registering to vote in New Mexico.

But neither case involves sneaky illegal immigrants using their New Mexico driver's licenses to register in hopes of committing voter fraud.

In fact both cases involve people who registered to vote not realizing that it was against the law to do so. And in fact, both voluntarily asked to be taken off the voter rolls, Duran said.

The problem, Duran told King, could be the voter registration process, specifically third-party registration agents. Some foreign nationals used  foreign documentation to get their voter registrations.

These are the first — and so far only — specific cases of noncitizens on the voter rolls Duran has reported since she told legislators earlier this year that she had found 117 foreign nationals who had registered to vote. Duran said at the time at least 37 of those people had actually voted in state elections.

That's the case with one of the two people Duran told King about. He's been voting in nearly every election since 1998.

My story about this is in today's New Mexican is HERE

Here's Duran's letter to King.

Duran King Letter 11-3-11