Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Heinrich Builds New Campaign Ad

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Martin Heinrich has just released his first ad since the primary (All those "Heather is poisoning the children" ads are the work of environmental groups, not the Heinrich campaign.)

Like Heinrich's ads in the primary, and for that matter, Heather Wilson's initial ad released a few weeks ago, it's a positive one. Heinrich's hammering nails and helping some lucky family build a house.

Here's the transcript:

I’ve always enjoyed building things. I built an electric motor growing up, a solar car in college.
I’m running for the Senate to help build better lives for the hard-working people of New Mexico.
I know how hard my family had to work to get by. And I see those same struggles with too many families today.
That’s why on City Council I raised the minimum wage.
I’m holding job fairs to connect workers with local employers and I’m fighting to cut taxes for small businesses.
I’m Martin Heinrich and I approve this message because I believe in the dignity of work.