Monday, April 30, 2012

TV War Begins in U.S. Senate Race

Actually, "war" is way too strong of a word. Both the Heather Wilson ad, which was released today, and the Martin Heinrich spot, released last week, are soft-focus, introductory spots stressing the background and biographies of  the respective candidate.

(Don't worry. Both sides will be ripping each other to shreds on TV before you know it.)

Republican Wilson's stresses her experience -- and her family's history -- with the U.S. Air Force, as well as  applying what she learned in the military ("leadership, responsibility and integrity") to Congress.

Heinrich's commercial stresses his working class roots and his learning about the "dignity of work."

As some state and national pundits have noted, neither Wilson nor Heinrich directly mentions being a member of Congress in this first round of ads.

Heinrich mentions "extending unemployment benefits…" which, as a Congressman he voted for. I happened to speak with Heinrich earlier today on another matter today. He said he's not running away from being a member of the unpopular institution. Future spots, he said, will focus on specific issues he's pushed in Congress.

I haven't spoken with the Wilson camp about this yet, but I suspect they'd say much the same thing.

Anyway, see for yourself. Here's both ads below:

Here's Heinrich's: (If for some reason you can't see this on your browser, the direct link to Heinrich's campaign Facebook page is HERE.)