Monday, April 30, 2012

All the Way With Johnson/Gray?

Judge Jim Gray
Former Gov. Gary Johnson, who most believe is set to win the Libertarian Party presidential nomination this weekend, has made public his choice for running mate: Judge Jim Gray of Orange County, Calif.

“The process all along has been to find somebody that can articulate libertarian ideals and beliefs and I’ve thought all along that he would be a really solid pick,” Johnson told Reason magazine Sunday.

Gray, like Johnson, has been a long-time critic of The War on Drugs. In fact Gray has been a vocal opponent since the early '90s. He even wrote a book about it back in 2001.

The party itself has the power to choose its vice presidential candidate. But Reason notes that there don't seem to be any other candidates for the position.  The party will decide that, as well as the presidential nomination, on Saturday at its convention in Las Vegas, Nev.