Monday, April 23, 2012

Interesting Take on Secret Service Scandal

My favorite spam email of the weekend was one from a new "travel website" that has an interesting spin on the Secret Service prostitution scandal.

"In the past week, the media has been buzzing with news of an overseas “sex scandal” involving the hiring of Columbian prostitutes. While the `sex scandal' was brewing, a new US-based travel website that could have prevented such scandals was quietly launched."

As Jon Stewart would say, "Go on ..."

"Over 30% of Americans travel overseas, many are businessmen, executives at Fortune 500 companies, and officials traveling on official business. While traveling overseas, the traveling man, lonely because he is far away from home, may visit local entertainment clubs or night clubs where he is propositioned by countless numbers of prostitutes. An innocent act powered by temptation may later blow up into a national sex scandal that taints reputation and destroys careers. This however could have been prevented if these men sought out healthy relationships like the ones formed using (this new service)."

The company, for a fee, I assume, matches "generous travelers" with "attractive travel partners."

I'm not really familiar with all of the Secret Service's policies and protocol, but I'm pretty sure  they don't allow agents to travel with "attractive travel partners" obtained through some website.