Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Balderas Also Launches New Ad

I posted Monday about the new ads for U.S. Senate candidates Martin Heinrich and Heather Wilson. Well, Hector Balderas, who is running against Heinrich in the Democratic primary is joining the fray as well. His spot will begin running Wednesday.

Like the other two, Baldera's ad stresses his background -- growing up poor in the small village of Wagon Mound. But this one focuses on the area of education -- how because of that background, he knows the power and importance of education.

No great plan for education is unveiled in the 30-second ad. It just says that as state auditor Balderas went after people who stole from school districts and that he will "invest" in education, which the candidate says is "the road to the middle class."

Watch it below:



  1. Hector has a real chance. The political blogs seem to be going for Heinrich, but Balderas is going to surprise all.

  2. Hector is an amazingly impressive leader, the best State Auditor in the United States, and a leader of courage, independence, and integrity, and he's got a very good policy agenda.

    And this is a good TV ad, about all you expect to find out in 30 seconds, and better than Heinrich's robotic first ad.

    Unfortunately, Hector is speaking in such vague generalities on his website and in his campaign messages that most voters will never find out how amazing his agenda is, especially on education, and they'll never find out what an inspirational leader Hector is.

    Caroline Buerkle, Hector's campaign manager, and Hector's East Coast campaign advisors are committing political malpractice on a scale I've never seen before. Even so, since Martin Heinrich isn't doing much better, Hector still has a 4% chance of winning this thing. If his campaign would let Hector be Hector, he'd win.

    Hopefully when Hector runs for Governor he'll do it all differently -- and the voters will see Hector's greatness and vote him in in 2014 or 2018. And I suspect that Hector will end up being the best Governor in the history of New Mexico.