Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kokesh Says Assassinating Romney Has Crossed His Mind -- But It's a Bad Idea

Adam KokeshIn his video program called Adam vs. The Man this week former New Mexico Congressional candidate Adam Kokesh read a letter from an unnamed  young man from Mississippi who brings up the idea of assassinating Republican front-runner Mitt Romney to help Ron Paul get the presidential nomination and to stop what he says is an inevitable war with Iran.

Kokesh in the video stresses that he's not endorsing the idea , but says, "I cannot deny that the thought hasn't crossed my mind as well as so many other libertarians and Ron Paul supporters of late."

He then proceeds into a lengthy monologue in which he justifies his conclusion that violence against Romney wouldn't be a good thing.

He ends the video saying, "Whatever you do, please, please, please, don't forward this video to the Secret Service."

Kokesh, an Iraq War veteran,  founded a group called Veterans for Ron Paul. Paul endorsed Kokesh when he ran for the Republican nomination for the Third Congressional District in 2010 (Kokesh lost to Tom Mullins of Farmington)

But Jesse Benton, a spokesman for a Paul political organization told the website Buzzfeed that the Texas Congressman has nothing to do with Kokesh these days.

"Mr. Kokesh is a deeply troubled individual with whom we cut off contact a long time ago," said Benton when told of Kokesh's video. "We have a very cordial and respectful relationship with Gov. Romney and his campaign and reject anyone who would think or talk this way. I hope the Secret Service investigates and takes all appropriate action they find necessary."

The Secret Service told Buzzfeed they are aware of the video and are conducting "the appropriate follow up."