Monday, May 21, 2012

Egolf Starts PAC for House Dems

State Rep. Brian Egolf, D-Santa Fe, is worried that the Republicans might take over the state House of Representatives this fall. And he's planning to do something to try to prevent it.
Rep. Brian Egolf

 In a  guest blog at the Democracy for New Mexico site, Egolf wrote that Democrats have only a thin majority over Republicans in the House. The numbers are 36 to 33, with one independent.

"With the upcoming November election, that slim majority is under dire threat. Democrats already lost one seat in redistricting, so we must gain seats in November or there will be a Republican Speaker of the House, and Gov. Martinez will have the rubber stamp legislature she wants."

In the blog Egolf announced he's starting a political action committee called New Mexico Defense Fund. "All funds raised will directly support Democratic State House candidates in critical seats this fall," Egolf said.

Gov. Susana Martinez has her own PAC that is raising funds for Republicans in legislative races. In the most recent reporting period, that PAC raised nearly $78,000 and had more than $273,000 cash on hand.

Egolf himself faces no re-election in his safe-Democrat Santa Fe district. However, he does have a personal stake in the election of other House Democrats. "If Republicans pick up even one seat, I will lose Chairmanship of the House Energy & Natural Resources Committee and be replaced by an anti-conservation Republican," he wrote.

Egolf has scheduled a kickoff fundraiser May 29 at the Santa Fe home of Debbie Fleischaker & Kathleen Fontaine