Thursday, December 6, 2012

Flynn Drops Suit Against Corrections Dept.

It looks like Gov. Susana Martinez won't have to give a deposition in a wrongful termination suit after all.

Larry Flynn, the former probation and parole official who was fired after firing a gun on state prison grounds last year, quietly dropped his suit against the state late last month. His notice is below.

Flynn's lawyer, Sam Bregman, had subpoenaed the governor saying that she had intervened in firing Flynn, a classified state employee who was protected by state personnel laws.

Flynn was living on the prison grounds with his girlfriend, then Corrections Secretary Lupe Martinez, who resigned shortly after the shooting incident.

Flynn said he fired the gun to kill a couple of rattlesnakes who he'd found under a doghouse in his yard.

Update 12-7-12  9 a.m. : Bregman called saying Flynn recently started working another job and wanted to "move on." The hearing officer in the case had ruled that Gov. Martinez did not have to give a deposition.

Flynn Lettter