Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Correra Stiffs Reporters

Bregman, Correra, Moldenhauer

Marc Correra, who has been at the center of the state investment scandal (and is in the center of the above photo), refused to talk with reporters who showed up to a meeting of the state Gaming Control Board Tuesday. The board was considering the application of a partnership involving Correra to operate a race track and casino in Raton.

Correra spoke not a word and actually turned his back to reporters, who instead verbally sparred with his lawyer, Sam Bregman -- who at one point said we were acting like vultures and said one of my TV reporter colleagues who was asking some questions Correra didn't want to hear, was "acting like an idiot."

We followed Correra and Bregman out to Correra's silver Land Rover. Correra got in the vehicle as Bregman continued talking to reporters.

Correra, who shared in as much as $15 million for steering his clients to deals to invest state funds, is the son of longtime Richardson adviser and contributor Anthony Correra. The younger Correra’s wife once was hired by Richardson as a “protocol officer” for the governor. 

Bregman said Correra didn't get the money because of his political connections. In fact, at one point Bregman denied there were any political connections.

The board tabled action on the applications, requesting more financial information.

I'll post the link to my story in The New Mexican later.

UPDATE: Here's that link.