Saturday, May 2, 2009

You Think the Current Governor Has It Rough?

Check out Marc Simmons' Trail Dust column from today's New Mexican.

It's all about former governors -- going back to the colonial period -- and some of the terrible things they had to endure.

Here's an excerpt:

A worse fate, however, awaited mid-century Gov. Bernardo López de Mendizábal and his successor, Gov. Diego de Peñalosa. The former was arrested for religious crimes and sent down the Camino Real to be tried by the Inquisition. He died in that institution's dungeons.

The latter, Peñalosa, abandoned Santa Fe while still governor and went to Mexico City. There he was imprisoned by the Inquisition, charged with 237 crimes, and banished from Spain's colonies in America.

These days Mendizábal and Peñalosa would have gotten their own reality TV shows.