Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Morning Fun

TPM Muckrucker connects some Marc Correra dots in this article.

It talks about Lori Schiaffino, a placement agent who who helped a hedge fund called Optima get a $50 million investment from the New Mexico Educational Retirement Board.

Correra and Schiaffino have something in common: they have both worked as agents for a placement agency called Diamond Edge Capital, which is run by Marvin Rosen, a former finance director for the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign co-finance chair in Florida in 1992. ... If Rosen sounds familiar, it's because he was one of the key figures involved in promoting sleepovers in the Lincoln bedroom for top campaign contributors in the nineties.
Rosen is chairman of a business called Diamond Edge. Of Diamond Edge, the Muckrucker article says, "Records show the firm booked at least $3.25 million on four New York pension fund investments in 2005 and 2006 and an unclear amount on another four in New Mexico. "

As Flakey Foont used to say, "What's it all mean, Mr. Natural?

The Monahan vs. The World battle is getting weirder.

Early this morning Joe Monahan accused The Santa Fe Reporter of trying to sandbag his advertisers.

A couple of our advertisers, including Dan Serrano, report they were called by a reporter from the Santa Fe Reporter--an alternative weekly newspaper--and asked if they were an Alligator, why they advertise here and inferring, reports construction company owner Serrano--that they shouldn't. Well, they advertise here, as Sally Field once said, "because you like me! You really like me!" And any cub reporter knows an Alligator never admits to being an Alligator or he wouldn't be an Alligator! But those who buy ads here are not responsible for the ideas expressed here. Are they in the Reporter? But there we go with one of those sticky freedom of the press and freedom of association questions. Hmm. Is there a "news" story here?

The Reporter responded:

As everyone also knows, the idea of a Santa Fe Reporter journalist trying to intimidate advertisers away from one news source over another is absurd. ... Actually, if you were to return Dave Maass’ phone messages to find out why he was calling, you’d probably learn it’s because he’s reporting on the already reported “blog fight” between yourself and, well, everyone else, I guess.

To be continued, I'm sure.


I might be the last blogger in Blogville to run this video of Gov. Bill Richardson's audition for the new Solid Gold Dancers. (Actually it's apparently some event at Acoma Pueblo).

But in case you haven't seen it -- or even if you have, enjoy.