Thursday, August 20, 2009

50 Felony Counts for Vigil-Giron

Former Secretary of State, former Congressional candidate, former Film Museum director appointee has been indicted on 50 felony counts including money laundering, fraud or embezzlement, creating false documents, tax evasion tampering with evidence, conspiracy etc.

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It's all connected with the $6.3 million paid to political consultant Armando Gutierrez in 2004 to produce public service spots for that election. Gutierrez, according to federal and state audits, could only account for $2.6 million of those payments.

Gutierrez also was indicted as were lobbyists Joe and Elizabeth Kupfer. Each was indicted on 50 counts.

I added it up. If convicted on all counts and sentenced to the max on each one (which is not very likely even if the jury convicted on all counts) Vigil-Giron and the others would receive more than 200 years in prison. (I stress again, not very likely.)

I think that could be described as having the book thrown at you.

Vigil-Giron on Wednesday said in a statement she could account for "every nickel" and claimed to be the subject of a "witch hunt."