Monday, August 24, 2009

More National Attention for NM

It's not our beautiful sunsets. It's not our tasty green chile or tri-cultural way of life.

It's our (alleged) corruption.

The Wall Street Journal weighs in on the Rebecca Vigil-Giron indictments.

The indictments are the latest blow to New Mexico's Democratic party. Gov. Bill Richardson remains under federal investigation for allegedly steering state contracts to a financial-services firm in exchange for political donations. Mr. Richardson, who isn't seeking re-election, has denied any wrongdoing.

Other Democratic public officials indicted or convicted in the state in recent years include two state treasurers; the longtime leader of the state senate; a director of affordable housing; and two members of the agency that regulates utilities. Many were accused or convicted of mishandling public funds.

Nothing new really, at least for those of us who follow state politics. Just another blow to our national repuation. The entire story is HERE.