Friday, August 7, 2009

Anti-Health Care Reform Tweeter Says He Doesn't Really Want Violence

An Albuquerque man who opposes health-care reform caused a stir today when with his Twitter tweets he seemingly advocated violence at town hall meetings.

However, Scott Oskay, in a telephone interview this evening, admitted he went overboard with his tweets and does not really want to see violence.

Oskay, who says he's a 40-year-old single parent, posted on Twitter several messages. One said, "If ACORN/SEIU attends these townhalls for disruption, stop being peaceful, and hurt them. Badly."

Another read, "If ACORN/SEIU attends these meetings for disruptive purposes, and you have a license to carry....carry."

"I go on free association rants on Twitter," Oskay said. He said was trying to parody the pro health-care advocates' caricature of anti health-care activists.

Some of his other tweets this afternoon hint at this.

"Recommendation to the left: Be careful of what you hallucinate. It might become real."

"If you use typical GOP-insult stereotypes on ALL folks that simply oppose obamacare, I'm going to call you out for your stupidity/bigotry."

Oskay has since deleted the "hurt them" tweet. But not before it was picked up on the Talking Points Memo blog, which posted a screen capture.

The state Democratic Party also picked up on Oskay's Tweets. Executive director Josh Geise in a news release said,

"Democrats strongly believe there is nothing wrong with an honest debate about how we should reform our broken health care system. These remarks from Mr. Oskay, along with actions such as holding Nazi signs at events, hanging effigies of members of Congress and faux tombstones of others that we have seen at town halls all across America are appalling and must stop.
Geise called on Republican leaders like state Chairman Harvey Yates and Congressional candidate Steve Pearce to denounce Oskay's "threats" and other "violent aggressive actions by a minority of "mob" protesters."

Oskay in the interview insisted he is not advocating health-care opponents instigate any type of violence at public meetings. But, he said, if opponents are attacked verbally or physically by the other side, they should respond in kind.

He says he's not a Republican. "I've been a registered Republican and a registered Democrat," he said. "I'm probably more of a libertarian, but I'm not a member of the Libertarian Party. They probably wouldn't want me after this."

Oskay said he's got liberal friends and conservative friends -- and frequently offends both with some of his "rants."


  1. It would be nice if the nutcases would spend their time reading the legislation instead of babbling online. I read HR 3200 (the initial version) and yes, it was a major effort. But there is a lot of exciting stuff in those 1,017 pages. This is good legislation, IMHO.

    Some mythbusting for you:
    ➢ Myth: This is socialized medicine! Answer: No, this is a plan for regulating for-profit health insurers and offering a public health insurance option. An example of socialized medicine is VA healthcare. The Veterans Administration owns and runs the medical facilities and pays the health care personnel.
    ➢ Myth: Your health care will be rationed! Answer: Your health care has always been rationed by for-profit insurance companies that refuse to pay for certain services. Example— “Our neighbor had to have surgery for temporomandibular joint disorder. After the surgery, Blue Cross/Blue Shield changed to declaring this as dental surgery and refused to cover it. The couple have been forced to sell their house to pay the extra $50,000.” Vincent, Las Cruces.
    ➢ Myth: Illegals will be provided with free healthcare service! Answer: This is already addressed in another Federal law. HR 3200 does state (page 143, line 3) that there will be NO Federal payments for ‘affordability credits’ [available to qualifying low-income Americans] to individuals “who are not lawfully present in the US.”
    ➢ Myth: The Federal government will set doctors’ wages! Answer: For-profit health insurers already set what they pay for services and HMOs hire doctors and set their wages. Preferred provider plans require YOU to pay the difference if you want a different doctor.
    ➢ Myth: The government will mandate a program that orders end-of-life treatment! Answer: The AARP states, “The rumors out there are flat out lies. Right now Medicare does not cover [that is, pay for] counseling for end-of-life care. The portion of the bill in question [pp 424-428, HR 3200] would simply provide coverage for optional end-of-life consultations with doctors, so that the patient can be aware of all of the treatment options on the table. It is not mandatory and it has nothing to do with euthanasia.”

  2. It's funny that no one was worried about "runaway spending" when it came to invading a country which wasn't a threat, to find weapons that weren't there, which cost not only billions of dollars but 1,500 American lives (so far). As for a "government-run program," Fed-EX, UPS, Blackwater, & a few others are doing better than the US Postal Service & many local and state police agencies, so private/government competition CAN work. To a 40+ conservative white person, "change" is the scariest word they know--Obama being accused of being a Muslim, Obama not a citizen, Obama a "Socialist" - all that crap springs from this fear of change and of losing their way of life and of losing a sense of power. And I guess they throw the word "Socialist" around because apparently, its the worst thing you can be...worse than even a child murderer or serial killer. Some people will always live in the ideological Dark Ages.