Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Candidate as Good as Gold

Apologies to lobbyist Bob Gold who used a variation of that headline as a slogan when he ran for governor back in 1990.

This actually is about Adam Kokesh, Republican candidate for Congress in the 3rd District. He's asking supporters to make campaign contributions not in the form of checks, but in gold and silver.

Kokesh, remember, is a supporter of U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, who supports returning U.S. currency to the gold standard.

"Unlike the U.S. dollar, real money is supposed to be worth something, backed by more than promises and wishful thinking," Kokesh said in a news release Monday. "Returning to a system based on honest, commodity-backed currency, would take away the federal government's book of blank checks and prevent bankers from stealing from us by printing claims to wealth, without creating anything of real value."

I asked the Federal Election Commission about this. The verdict: it's unusual but legal, as long as the precious metal is reported as an in-kind contribution and the contributor doesn't exceed federal limits.

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Kokesh faces Farmington oilman Tom Mullins in the Republican primary in June. The winner will face incumbent freshman Congressman Ben Ray Lujan, a Democrat, in the general election.

UPDATE: I corrected the date of Bob Gold's gubernatorial run.