Monday, December 7, 2009

Weh Wins!

... the Reindeer Run Saturday in Roswell, that is.

That other race, the Republican gubernatorial primary is still in progress.

Here's the press release from Camp Weh:

New Mexico businessman and gubernatorial candidate Allen Weh won first place in the 10K for his age group in Saturday’s Reindeer Run in Roswell, and all four members of his campaign team who participated earned first place prizes in their respective age groups.

Despite a vicious snow storm that blanketed Roswell, the Allen Weh for Governor campaign team competed in the annual Reindeer Run, braving the snowy and icy conditions. Weh was the only gubernatorial candidate to compete in the race and was joined by more than 100 brave Roswellians.

“While we trudged through the ice and snow, my opponent sent a pickup truck to represent her,” Weh said, referring to a pickup truck that sported a Diane Denish campaign sign at the finish line. “Some days the weather’s tough, but that can’t stop me from running for New Mexico.”

Whitney Cheshire, campaign manager, noted that it is only fair to point out that almost every campaign staffer who earned first place in their respective age group wouldn’t have accomplished such a feat if they hadn’t been the only person representing their age group.

“Even 24-year-old Chris Sanchez, campaign press secretary, won his event for his age group. It was a challenging two-mile walk, and we’re fairly certain that had the weather not kept his opponents home, he would have had a much more difficult time earning a victory,”

Cheshire said. “But we’re proud of the team’s efforts and Allen’s first place finish in the 10K and the fact that so many others showed up to walk and run for a good cause.”

Weh, a cancer survivor and lifelong distance runner, continues to advocate healthy lifestyles on the campaign trail and says good health and well-being will be a hallmark of his administration when elected.

Upon returning from military service in Iraq in 2004, Weh was diagnosed with prostate cancer. After undergoing treatment, he was declared cancer free in mid-2004 and remains so today.