Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Denish to Suspend Fund-raising During Session

Lt. Gov. Diane Denish, who already has raised more than $ 2 million for her re-election campaign, announced today that she voluntarily will suspend fund-raising during the 30 day Legislative session that begins in late January, as well as during the 20 days preceding the session and the 20-day bill-signing period following the session.

She doesn't have to. The state law banning the solicitation of contribution only applies to legislators and the governor.

“When the legislature is in session, I believe our focus must be solely on the issues important to New Mexico families, not campaign fundraising," Denish said in a news release.

As lieutenant governor, Denish has a role in the Legislature. She presides over the Senate and casts the deciding vote in the infrequent case of a tie.

She also challenged her Republican counterparts. "There is nothing stopping the Republican candidates in the race from taking the same voluntary steps to level the playing field. This is an opportunity for all of the candidates to take the high road.”

One of the four will have to do that. Janice Arnold-Jones is a sitting member of the state House of Representatives.