Monday, August 16, 2010

Expanding Computer Service

New Mexico's two U.S. senators Tom Udall and Jeff Bingaman today co-hosted a New Mexico "Broadband & Smart Grid Summit" in Moriarty that featured the announcement of more than $73 million in grants and awards to expand broadband services to rural, underserved areas of New Mexico.

According to the press release Udall led the first panel session, titled “Wiring New Mexico for the Future;” while Bingaman led the second panel, titled “Bringing Broadband to Energy – Smart Grid in New Mexico.” About 300 people attended.

“Today was a big day for New Mexico,” Udall said. “Not only did we bring experts from across the spectrum together to discuss the challenges our state faces in bridging the digital divide, but we also took an important step forward in connecting our rural areas with the announcement of more than $73 million in grants and loans.”

That's cool. Now if they could only force AT&T to make my iPhone work in the Roundhouse.

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