Thursday, August 26, 2010

Herrera Bolts Her Own Press Conference

Secretary of State Mary Herrera

Embattled Secretary of State Mary Herrera held press conference this morning. But then she bolted before reporters could ask questions.

Before she left, she called allegations of wrongdoing "blatantly false and ridiculous ... Thrown at the press like red meat in an election year."

She apparently was referring to allegations by an attorney for two of her current employees that there has been criminal wrongdoing in the office. Lawyer Rudy Martin represents Manny Vildasol and James Flores who were recently put on administrative leave. He also represents former elections director A.J. Salazar, who left his job in March with complaints about possible wrongdoing by Herrera.

Reading a statement, Herrera said the state is investigating the two employees -- Vildasol and Flores. She emphasized that she is not involved with the investigation.

The press conference, held in the lobby of the SOS office, had been called to discuss voter information being mailed to active voters before the general election.

As reporters began asking questions about the investigations, etc. , Herrera turned and walked briskly to the safety of her own office. Deputy SOS Francisco Trujillo told reporters he had no more to say on the subject.