Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More SOS Turmoil

Secretary of State Mary Herrera’s longtime chief spokesman has been placed on paid administrative leave.

James Flores, who has been the public information officer for the Secretary of State’s Office since Herrera took office in 2007 was put on leave on Aug. 18, deputy SOS Francisco Trujillo said today.

Trujillo said he couldn’t say why Flores was put on leave. “It’s a personnel issue,” he said.

Flores is supposed to report back to work tomorrow, Trujillo said.

Immediately before the leave Flores had taken time off to attend the funerals of two family members.

Flores’ leave came in the midst of controversial news stories about the Secretary of State’s office last week.

There were television and newspaper stories about pornographic computer viruses infecting Herrera’s personal computer, as well as my column about Herrera filing public information requests to get e-mails involving some of her own staff and some of her political critics.

Flores was not on the list of employees whose e-mails Herrera wanted.