Friday, April 8, 2011

A Dog & Pony Show -- Without the Ponies

New Mexico's First Dog Riggs an Alaskan Malamute, with First Gentleman Chuck Franco
There's going to be a whole lot of news about bill signings and vetoes today, but let's start off with a fun one.

Gov. Susana Martinez signed Senate Bill 11 at an informal cememony at Louie's Corner Cafe. When the bill goes into effect on July 1, restaurants with outdoor eating areas, such as Louie's, will be permitted to allow dogs to accompany their owners in patios where food is served.

On hand for the signing were several dog owners and their pets, including Martinez's husband Chuck Franco and First Dog Riggs, an Alaskan Malamute; bill sponsor Sen. Peter Wirth, D-Santa Fe and his yellow Labrador Cuate; and Louie's owners Robin Hardy and Alea Jenson who were accompanied by the cafe's namesake Louie, a Shih Tzu.

But the biggest dog there was Rory, an Irish wolfhound, owned by former Rep. Max Coll and his wife, Catherine Joyce-Coll. The Colls also brought Keeley, a Norwich terrier.

And, oh yeah, the gov signed the budget bill -- though she line-item vetoed the unemployment tax increase -- the film tax credit bill and the pension-swap bill.

UPDATE: 12:56 pm

Here's some of the other bills Martinez signed and vetoed.

SB 196 which will expand hunting opportunities for state residents by increasing the number of licenses available for big-game hunts on public lands.
HB 052, Tobacco Fund Investment Practices
HB 059, Unemployment Contribution Temporary Schedule, with line-item veto
HB 093, Police Training for Mental Impairments
HB 137, Continued Educational Assistance Debt Service
HB 160, Public Records Availability and Procedures
HB 167, Fire Prevention Ordinances and Code Changes
HB 215, Implementation of Utility Rate Without Hearing
HB 220, Time Period for Right of Redemption
HB 234, Animal Sheltering Board Sunset Date Extension
HB 417, Local Government Corrections Fee and Fund
HB 428, Raise Organization Income Subject to Audit
HB 429, Compensating Tax Transaction Requirements
HB 536, Games of Chance at Liquor Control Premises
SB 014, Health Care Work Force Data Collection
SB 044, Film Production Tax Credit Tracking & Review, with message
SB 045, Actions Against Cities Statute of Limitations
SB 052, Electronic Copies of Public Records
SB 145, Clarify School Year and Day Length
SB 209, Adjust Water Utility Rates Without Notice
SB 250, Surplus Lines Insurance Multistate Compact
SB 269, Educational Retirement Board Bank and Attorneys
SB 275, Increase Deposit into Govt Investment Fund
SB 284, Amend Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
SB 329, ERB Members to Appoint Designees
SB 330, Family, Infant, Toddler Program Enrollment
SB 360, Student Assessment Requirements Suspension
SB 373, Capital Outlay Reauthorization
SB 408, Create Interim Redistricting Committee, with message
SB 505, Expand Fire Protection Fund Uses
SB 626, Fire Fund Distribution Increase Delay

HB 058, Judicial Retirement Contributions
HB 161, Tax Expenditure Budget Development and Report
HB 166, Review Certain Tax Credits
HB 241, Teacher Loan Repayment Act
HB 347, Juvenile Detention Requirement Modifications
HB 653, Remedies for Real Property False Documents
SB 017, Remove Governor from State Investment Council
SB 019, In-State Business Procurement Advantage
SB 038, New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange Act
SB 040, Livestock Crime Stoppers Act
SB 047, Tax and Rev Dept Tax Expenditure Budget
SB 124, 5 Feet for Cars to Pass Bicycles
SB 277, Increase Magistrate Courts’ Operations Fee
SB 314, Autism Education Plan Development
SB 321, Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act
SB 509, No Car Interlock for Certain Convictions