Thursday, April 14, 2011

Javier's Campaign Says He's Doing Fine in Poll

When I asked Sam Bregman yesterday about Sen. Jeff Bingaman's endorsement of Javier Gonzales in the state chairman's race, Bregman said Gonzales was publicizing the endorsement to counteract a recent poll Gonzales commissioned of state Democratic Central Committee members showing Bregman winning the contest.

"They're losing," Bregman said. "The train has left the station."

But today, Gonzales' spokesman shot me an e-mail saying that there indeed was a poll, but it showed Gonzales doing better than 54 percent. Bregman was pulling just over 37 percent, while Letitia Montoya had about 8.5 percent.

According to spokesman Matt Ross the call, which went out to all 400-plus Central Committee members, went as follows:

"Hello, tonight we are conducting a short survey on the upcoming State Democratic Party Chair's race. If the election were held today, who would you vote for:
Press 1 for Javier Gonzales
Press 2 for Sam Bregman
Press 3 for Letitia Montoya
Thank you for your time this evening."
But before Gonzales supporters start popping the champagne corks, a look at the poll shows that only 101 people responded. That's just under a fourth of the number of total members. So nobody really knows yet how the other 75 percent are going to vote.

The actual voting will take place on April 30.