Thursday, October 4, 2012

Another Senate Forecast Moves NM to Likely Dem

No the election's not over yet, but Roll Call, a Washington, D.C. publication that specializes in Congressional coverage, has moved the U.S. Senate race from "Leans Democratic" to "Likely Democratic."

... another race where they got the strongest possible nominee despite the demographics of the state favoring Democrats. Former Rep. Heather Wilson (R) has run a good campaign. But national Republicans aren’t spending any money to help her, and polls show Rep. Martin Heinrich in a good position to win next month.

... For all of  (Wilson’s) strengths as a candidate, she entered this open-seat race with high unfavorable ratings from her previous statewide campaign. Plus, she’s running in a heavily Hispanic state no longer viewed as competitive in the presidential race and against a solid Democratic recruit in (Heinrich) who took the lead in August and does not appear willing to let go."

Let's not forget though that there are a bunch of Heinrich/Wilson debates ahead in the next few weeks. The first one is next Thursday. I'll be live blogging over at The New Mexican site.