Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pardon Me, Boy, Is That The Chattanooga Endorsement?

Gov. Gary Johnson's long-shot Libertarian presidential bid got an unexpected boost today when The Chattanooga Free Press endorsed him.

Here's a snip from the endorsement.

Some may argue that voting for a minor party candidate is a waste of a vote. While Johnson won't win on Nov. 6, the more votes Johnson receives, the more the Republican and Democratic parties are forced to consider adopting his policies. Voting for Johnson is the most effective way to inject the ideas of liberty and limited government into the political mainstream.

I'm not real familiar with this paper, or Chattanooga in general beyond that famous song. So I'll quote Rob Nikolewski from Capitol Report New Mexico:

The newspaper has an unusual setup. It runs two editorial pages, one staunchly liberal – under the banner of the Chattanooga Times — and another that is solidly conservative – called the Chattanooga Free Press — and together the newspaper is distributed under the name of the Chattanooga Times Free Press. The paper has a daily circulation of 70,000 and a Sunday circulation of 95,000. In 2002, the Tennessee Press Association named the Times Free Press as the best newspaper in the state.