Friday, October 26, 2012

Area Legislative Races

In the past week I've written a couple of profiles about local legislative races.

In today's New Mexican, I wrote about the District 39 Senate contest between incumbent Democrat Phil Griego and Republican Aubrey Dunn, Jr. Griego won his bitterly fought primary against Jack Sullivan and Nicole Castellano, picking up support from Jay McCleskey's Reform New Mexico Now PAC. That irked Dunn who has asked for a refund of his $5,250 campaign contribution to Gov. Susana Martinez in 2010. (No refund has been made.) The PAC is not supporting Dunn, who agrees with Martinez on most major issues, though it isn't supporting Griego in the general either.

A few days ago, the paper published my profile of the District 43 House race between incumbent Republican Jim Hall (no, not the retired judge) and Democrat Stephanie Garcia Richard. Democrats see this race as one of their few chances to actually pick up a seat. Richard came within 190 votes of ousting the late Rep. Jeannette Wallace in the Los Alamos-based district two years ago, so PACs from both sides have been pouring mailers into District 43 mailboxes in tones far more strident than either of the candidates. In fact, both Hall and Richard have asked the outside groups to butt out -- not that they will.

My colleague Kate Nash this week wrote about the House District 50 campaign. There Democrat Stephen Easley is running against Republican Larry Miller in the contest to replace Rep. Rhonda King, who decided not to seek re-election. Like Senate District 39, House District 50 stretches from southern Santa Fe County deep into central New Mexico.